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Hot Fucking Damn

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Jul. 28th, 2004 | 01:27 am

What a wild fucking ride this is. If I had known that being a fucking phone sex operator was this hot I would have done it ages ago. I hate my fucking "day" job, such a fucking snooze fest. I just cant wait to get home, check my email, and get logged on.
I come home and I get double fuck by not one, but two fucking men. Huge dicks, we are talking monster black cocks, and I scream and I moan and fuck, I cum hard. Whats not to love about that?
I get to be mommy who molests and fondles her little boy everytime daddys around. I stick my hands down his shorts and stroke him till he cums. I cant get enough of that bald little prick.
Then I have a caller who wanted to see how nasty I was. I proved it to him. I let ten guys cum in a cum, then I fucking drank it down, thenI sucked a horse off, and drank every last drop of that. Now whos the nastiest of them all?
I got raped by a motherfucker with a knife, he made me suck his dick and then let him use me like the dirty fucking whore I am. Aint life fucking great?

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