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Dirty Fucking Ho

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Jul. 9th, 2004 | 01:31 am

Fine, you guys are on my ass to do a journal like the rest of the people so here it is.

Wanna know about me? Im a fucking slut, always have been, always will be. Ive been fucking since most of you guys were in diapers. I love to fuck. Ill make you cum, let you catch your breath then fuck get you hard just so I can fuck you some more.

By day I am a secretary for a law firm. I have to wear my hair in a french twist, wear fucking business skirts and blouses that bore the shit out of me. My supervisor bout had a heart attack when she saw my hair color. I think maybe next time Ill put some blue in it, maybe that will kill her off. I think that might be pushing it, Im barely not getting fired with the red streaks as it is.

If they knew about that tat on my ass, Im sure they would can my ass in a heart beat, let alone let them find out that Im a fucking phone whore. I love doing this, it makes me feel so dirty.

I got to be a nasty aunt with Spicy on my first two girl call. We rocked that lil thirteen year old cock, made him cum so hard in Spicy. Damn shes hot, thats probably why shes called spicy.

Carly and I tagged teamed each other to get another caller off. I licked that sweet bald pussy till she fucking came all over my face. Ill fuck her anyday, maybe someday Ill go visit her and take my strap on to that sweet ass.

Fuck...Natasha and I got so fucking dirty. I love those fucking tits of hers, I could just burry my face in them and die. I got on top of her and rubbed my pussy on hers with out legs open, that way our caller could pick any hole he wanted to fuck, while he looked over my shoulder watching us kiss and tongue fuck each other mouths.

I got to be a Nasty Aunt while baby sitting my nephew, he said it was wrong, but I dont fucking care, I wanted that sweet ass. I made the lil fucker pound me against his will, I told him I would tell his mommy he was feeling me up while he slept so he had to fuck me. Now Im gonna turn him into my freaking fuck toy, every night, Im going to sneak into his bedroom and molest the little shit.

I did an entry? Is this good enough? Now cum and fuck me, I want it bad.

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I came across your webpage

from: anonymous
date: Jan. 26th, 2005 02:07 am (UTC)

And I think you're the loveliest person I've come across on the net.



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